David Jameson

Christmas Coffee Cream Liqueur

Home-made Christmas Coffee Cream Liqueur


I was was having my Christmas Eve breakfast of Porridge with Malt Whisky this morning (don’t judge me! It’s Christmas!) when I had a thought and decided to make something to share with the family later.

I had already made a Chemex this morning, which had a bit of leftovers (Union’s Los Lajones Natural Caturra from Panama since you asked) and thanks to an over-enthusiastic Christmas Sainsbury’s order I had quite a lot of double cream. I always seem to have a decent supply of Whisky in the house these days (of varying quality) and so a plan hatched.

Taking a clean Kilner jar from the cupboard, I added 25g of icing sugar and about 5ml of hot water and made a sort of paste. Next I added 25ml of Bells Whisky and about 40ml of the cold coffee. Topped up with around 20ml of double cream and given a decent stir, this tastes good and Christmassy and has gone in hshe fridge to be enjoyed later with mince pies!

Dead easy, dead quick, dead tasty.

Merry Christmas you filthy animal!

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