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Amaretto, Chambord, Grand Marnier, Los Lajones. Black Forest Gateau -mmmmm

Amaretto, Chambord, Grand Marnier, Los Lajones. Black Forest Gateau -mmmmm

Schwartzwalderkirschtortekaffee. Black Forest Cherry Liqueur Cake Coffee. Black Forest Gateau Coffee.

Really – Schwartwalderkirschtortekaffee is the snappiest name for it.

This is a brilliant Christmas cocktail. Warming, smooth, sweet and delicious, it was something I came up with for the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship in Melbourne.

For the World Championship you have to think of a hot cocktail and a cold cocktail for the preliminary round. I already had a good cold one – the Orange Custard Espresso Martini – more on that in another post – but I couldn’t think of any good hot cocktails.

I racked my brain trying to think of inspiration, but the best hot cocktail I could think of was Irish Coffee. I had a bottle of Chambord – Black Raspberry Liqueur – left over from a failed experiment, and I wanted to find a way to use it. I thought back to my Starbucks days when we would blend the raspberry frappuccino juice base with almond syrup to make a cherry frappuccino, and I thought if I co uld mix Chambord with Amaretto, it might just work.

I bought a bottle of Disarrono and set to work.

I put 8g sugar in a wine glass, added 10ml of Disarrono, 10ml of Chambord and 5ml of Grand Marnier (you have to use this in the World Championship, but it does add a little twist of bitter orange to the mix too.)

I topped up to just below the rim with filter coffee (Los Lajones Natural Queen Geisha) then poured hand-shaken whipped cream, spiked with the same spirits, over the top in Irish Coffee fashion.

My long-suffering, willing guinea pig (my wife!) tries all my coffee cocktails. Mostly she’s sick of drinking boozy coffee at night, so when she refused to let me have it back, I knew I was on to a winner!

Thanks to the unique chemistry of cherry, almond and apricot (Disarrono is made with Apricot kernels not Almond) the flavour of the finished cocktail is chocolate and cherries – despite the recipe having none of either! When she finished the first one, she demanded another – I knew I had built a great drink!

I took. It to the World Championship and it did credibly – I finished 9th in the World. The judges enjoyed the routine, but thought that the 80’s weren’t really back!

Check out the links to the right of the screen to see my routine from Melbourne.

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