David Jameson

The UK’s best Irish Coffee 2014



Irish Coffee is the heavy artillery of a UK Coffee in Good Spirits Competitor’s arsenal.

it is an essential component of the UK championship and you only get to make it in the final of the World Championships.  It can only contain four ingredients: coffee, sugar, cream and whisky. You can use Irish, Scotch, Bourbon or any other Whisky that takes your fancy. I really like Scotch so I knew that was where I wanted to be.

It was the first drink I built because I knew it would be the hardest to make work, and once I sorted out the coffee and Whisky I would be able to work the rest of my drinks around them.

As in my Orange Custard Espresso Martini post, I knew I wanted to use Los Lajones. Natural Caturra so I took the tasting notes and emailed Master of Malt, an online whisky merchant based in Tunbridge Wells, and asked them what would pair well.

They suggested a range of whiskies and they sell them as 3cl samples so I tried a few options and chose Dalmore 15 Year Old.

Dalmore 15 spends its first 12 years in American White Oak Bourbon casks then the 12 year old spirit is split into three different Sherry casks; Amoroso, Apostoles and Matusalem Oloroso. These finishes drive the sweetness and dried fruit flavour from the casks into the spirit. The Los Lajones Natural Caturra is selectively harvested at its ripest and left to dry in the sun on raised Ethiopian-style beds. This delivers a unique sweet, fruity, boozy and puddingy coffee with flavours of dried and cooked fruits, vanilla, custard and blackberry.

Couple these together and add spiked cream and you have an Irish Coffee like none you have ever tasted before! The finished drink tastes like Mince Pies with Brandy Butter. Perfect for the festive season. Or for a Wednesday. Damn Wednesdays are hard work!


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